UCSB Campus Cloud graphic IT strategy

Key Priority 1: UCSB Campus Cloud Release 1

The UCSB Campus Cloud is a technical architecture and procurement mechanism that leverages campus cloud expertise and minimizes the complexities of cloud startup research and administrative needs. The release of the UCSB Campus Cloud to the campus will mark UCSB’s fully supported entry into enterprise cloud utilization.

Key Priority 2: Form UCSB Cloud Champions 

Continuing to build and expand cloud expertise is key to successful preparation for more extensive use of the major cloud architectures. Cloud Champions is a cohort of cloud experts from across the campus who work together to expand cloud knowledge, and create, maintain, and evolve the UCSB Campus Cloud architecture.

Key Priority 3: Develop On-Premise Hosting Model 

Develop an on-premise capability that leverages cloud and virtualization expertise and technologies to support campus needs while minimizing space and utility needs.

VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts is a jointly engineered on-premises as-a-service offering, powered by VMware Cloud Foundation. It integrates VMware’s enterprise-class Software-Defined Data Center software that runs on next-generation, dedicated, elastic Amazon EC2 bare-metal infrastructure, delivered on-premises with optimized access to local and remote AWS cloud services.

Key Priority 4: Identity Migration to the Cloud

Identity is a key component to ensure appropriate authentication and authorization in any environment. It is critical to migrate UCSB Identity to the cloud before the UCSB Campus Cloud expands to include uses across the campus.