Key Priority 1: Female Recruitment and Retention

Locally, females comprise more than 50% of the workforce that is eager to participate in technology. Yet, females comprise only 17% of the technology workforce. New approaches to attracting and retaining female technology workers are critical to success.

Key Priority 2: IT Engagement and Retention with PeopleElement

A survey of UCSB IT staff, developed and managed by PeopleElement, indicates that UCSB IT staff engagement is below average. PeopleElement identified areas and approaches for improvement that will aid the campus to increase IT staff engagement.

Key Priority 3: Federated IT Community Building and Professional Development

Continue to develop and expand the Federated IT Community Building and Professional Development concept. This concept includes many opportunities for IT staff and cohorts to engage, inform themselves, and develop their knowledge.

Key Priority 4: Culture

UCSB IT's culture continues to evolve, of which Remote Work and the Campus IT Dashboard are key cultural components. The Culture of Remote Work seeks to expand the IT talent pool from which UCSB draws by adopting work, management, and technology approaches that support remote work. The Campus IT Dashboard seeks to affirm the culture of fact-based decision making and transparency by publicizing measures of IT success.

Key Priority 5: Community

The CIO Council includes IT staff from across the campus that work to support each other and the campus IT vision. The IT Community at UCSB will continue to gain cohesiveness as we develop the CIO Council.

Key Priority 6: Lean Six Sigma Training Cohort 2

UCSB, the UC System, and industry have adopted Lean Six Sigma, a method to eliminate defects in IT work. We will train the second cohort of business process analysts and leaders to further integrate Lean Six Sigma into UCSB IT processes.