The North Hall Data Center is located at 1201 North Hall, on the UCSB Main Campus. 

Telephone Numbers

805-893-2994 - Data Center Status Line - Recorded Announcement Only

805-893-2995 - North Hall Data Center Operations Staff

805-893-2261 - ETS Administration Desk, 4101 SAASB

Email Contacts

ETS-NHDC@UCSB.EDU - North Hall Data Center Management & Operations Staff

Facility Announcement List

NHDC-CUSTOMERS @ - All customers with equipment at the NHDC are subscribed to this email announcement list to be advised of events concerning the NHDC. Other interested parties can request membership by sending an email to ETS-NHDC@UCSB.EDU. This list replaced as of January 1, 2015.  

Facility Alert List

NHDCALERT @ LISTS.NOC.UCSB.EDU - A list directed at the System Administrators of servers hosted in NHDC to advise on environmental events that might affect the operation of their systems.

NHDC Staff

Robert Vasquez - Operations Supervisor
Lance Heuer - Infrastructure Hardware Specialist, Sr Virtualization Engineer

Chris Sneathen - Associate Director, Computer Center & Virtual Infrastructure Services