TO: ETS Staff
FR: Andrew Morgan, Service Delivery Manager/Campus Cellular Infrastructure Manager
       Enterprise Technology Services - Network & Communication Services
RE: Changes Coming to Communications Services Estimates Requests

We’d like to advise Phones-L Communications Services Customers of upcoming changes to the form we use to process requests for estimating and ordering work to be performed by our Communications Services technicians:
Today:  Requests can be made via the IT help portal ( using the “Request Project Estimate” for either Telephones & Cable TV or for Network Infrastructure & Radio service offerings.  Once a request is made, you will receive an email with an Estimate Letter and you can approve work by replying to the email or to the request ticket.
Effective August 23, 2019:  Requests will follow the same process described above, with the exception that we will no longer email estimates on a separate letter. Instead, the estimate will be provided as an update to the original Request Project Estimate ticket. Once we update the ticket, you will receive a ServiceNow email advising you of the estimate.  At this point, you have the option to reply back to the email with your approval or rejection, which will update the original Request Project Estimate ticket, advising our team how you want us to proceed (example below).
If you encounter this change and have any questions, we’d be happy to help. You can reply to the ticket where you have a question, call us at x8700, or email us at