June 27, 2019

TO: Campus Community
FR: Design, Facilities & Safety Services
RE: Campus-wide Power Outage Scheduled for September

Southern California Edison (SCE) has identified necessary maintenance that must be performed on the power transmission systems serving the campus. This work will require a power service interruption (i.e., power outage) to the UC Santa Barbara main campus and all areas served by the campus electrical distribution system. SCE estimates it will take approximately 12 hours to complete their maintenance work. As soon as the work is completed and power has been restored to the campus, teams from UC Santa Barbara Facilities Management will begin checking and restoring building system(s) functionality (such as elevators, building mechanical systems, Metsys, and lighting). We anticipate the campus will be fully operational by Sunday afternoon. 

The service interruption is scheduled to begin at 10 p.m. on Saturday, September 14 and campus should be fully operational by afternoon on Sunday, September 15. For your safety, we recommend you vacate all non-residential buildings by 9 p.m. on Saturday, September 14. 

The planned service interruption will impact UC Santa Barbara properties and facilities only, including all main campus buildings and a number of adjacent housing and dining facilities that receive their electrical power service directly from campus. The map below denotes in yellow the buildings and facilities that will be impacted by the power interruption. 

Faculty housing in the Ocean Walk and West Campus developments are on a separate transmission line and will not be impacted. 

Minimizing the disruption to campus operations was foremost in selecting the dates and hours of the outage, and we recognize there are significant issues related to research, IT, security, and other essential functions that still need to be resolved. An extensive planning process is currently underway to identify and address the needs of our campus community. 

If you have questions or would like to identify areas that may need special attention, please email poweroutage@fm.ucsb.edu

power outage map denotes affected buildings in yellow