FR: Bill Doering, Director of Information Technologies 
RE: August 21 Campus AWS Event

We have great opportunities for AWS training happening over the next month or so. 

On August 21, UCSB will host an on-campus AWS Event. The first two hours will feature a presentation from an AWS senior architect, Randy Ridgley, on how to move workloads to AWS. The rest of the day (and into August 22 if needed) is for pre-scheduled meetings with groups looking to move workloads into AWS. In these meetings, Randy can answer questions, recommend best practices, and help draw solutions.

Here is the announcement about the presentation: 

From Monolithic applications to Microservices 

Traditional monolithic architectures are hard to scale. As an application's code base grows, it becomes too complex to update and maintain. Introducing new features, languages, frameworks, and technologies becomes hard, limiting innovation and new ideas. Within a microservices architecture, each application component runs as its own service and communicates with other services through a well-defined API. Microservices are built around business capabilities, and each service performs a single function. In this workshop, we show you how to run a simple monolithic application in a Docker container, deploy the same application as microservices, and switch traffic to the microservices without downtime.

Please RSVP to me if you would like to:

  1.  attend the presentation and/or 
  2.  if you would like to schedule a meeting with an AWS Architect for you or your team.

The presentation will start at 9:30 a.m. in ED 1205, building #275 (GGSE). There is limited seating. If you are interested in a meeting with Randy, I will respond regarding your time slot for the afternoon.

Join the meeting via Zoom with this ID: