eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. For more information, visit www.eduroam.org.

This network service provides visiting faculty and students from participating institutions the ability to easily gain secure network access utilizing their home institution credentials. It also provides UCSB faculty, staff, and students who will be visiting a participating institution the ability to pre-configure their device for eduroam access, providing secure, automatic access while away.

See eduroam FAQs

Request Information

Connect to eduroam

Option 1: Join the eduroam WiFi network.
Your account name must be entered in the form <Your_UCSBnetID>@ucsb.edu.  Logins will fail if "@ucsb.edu" is not included.  Use your UCSBnetID password. Note: This might not be your actual email address. Do not change it to match your email address. This option will not work for all devices (e.g. Android). If you have issues with wifi, visit the UCSB Wireless Network Configuration page.

Option 2: Join the UCSB Setup WiFi network.
Open a web browser and go to www.ucsb.edu. You will be sent to a page that will guide you through the configuration process. This option may provide you with a more secure connection.

Campus visitors from eduroam participating institutions can simply select eduroam from their operating system Wi-Fi options and log in using their institution's credentials. If you experience any issues with eduroam while visiting UCSB, please contact your home institution's service desk.

Campus visitors not from a participating institution should use the UCSB Wireless Web.

Configure a Chromebook for eduroam.

Special Considerations

The Network Operations Center (NOC) maintains the wireless network but does not provide hands-on device configuration assistance. Contact your department's IT support staff for assistance. 


Contact noc@ucsb.edu. 

See eduroam FAQs