The Billing, Accounts Receivable, and Collections System (BARC) consolidates and accepts payments for debts owed to the University for student and non-student charges. The centralized, computerized receivables system also identifies delinquent debts, and disburses financial aid.

Login to BARC

BARC features include:

  • Fulfillment of charges posted by University departments

  • Monthly statements for students and non-students

  • Student payment statuses sent to the University student system for evaluating class enrollment status

  • Student refunds with a built-in refund feature or a manual refund process

  • Submission of general ledger information of daily transactions to the University financial system

  • BARC reports exclusively for BARC office use, providing daily, quarterly, and annual operations support

  • Student transaction information for ProSAM, the student financial system for graduate students and financial aid students

Request Information

To access the BARC system, submit requests at the IT Services Catalog at ucsb.service-now.com/it.

Submit one request for the RemoteApp setup and another for creating a Complete ID.

Special Considerations

To access the system, users must open the browser Netscape 4.79 or use the RemoteApp version.

Mainframe login credentials (i.e. a Complete ID and password) are mandatory for user access.

To access the BARC login page, you must use a Netscape 4 browser. 


The BARC office provides department user support.

The IT Services Catalog at http://ucsb.service-now.com/it provides BARC system setup support as described in the Request Information section. Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) provides technical support.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

There is no formal Service Level Agreement (SLA) for this service. However, BARC needs to be available Monday through Friday during regular business hours for department access, and in the evenings for the business close process (the nightly train).

In the middle of each month, the system also needs to be available from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon for the monthly process (the monthly train).