The Internet is part of everyone’s life, every day. We use the Internet at work, home, for enjoyment, and to connect with those close to us. However, being constantly connected brings increased risk of theft, fraud, and abuse.

No country, industry, community, or individual is immune to cyber risks. As individuals, cybersecurity risks can threaten our finances, identity, and privacy. Universities, which are characterized by their openness based on academic freedom, are among the most widely attacked targets.

Our way of life depends on critical infrastructure and the digital technology that operates it. The University takes steps to ensure the security of our infrastructure and systems, but cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, and everyone can take a few simple steps to make the Internet more secure!

News & Announcements

January 19, 2017

All members of the University of California community face cyber security threats. Earlier this month, the UC released the second edition of its Cyber Security Awareness training to help address those threats.

January 6, 2017

Each new year brings many new challenges and opportunities. Unfortunately, increased cyber security threats are among the challenges. January is the beginning of income tax season, and every year brings new schemes to defraud you and your family.

October 13, 2016

DIGITAL GUARDIAN - Phishing attacks are by no means a new issue, but rather one that has plagued individuals and businesses for many years.