UCSB IT Strategy Digital Transformation‚Äč

Key Priority 1: Process Automation

We will employ the Lean Six Sigma approach to identify and address priority candidates for process automation.

Key Priority 2: Liberate the Data 

As processes are automated, the data that has been locked in those processes will be liberated for appropriate use in other processes. Also, Liberate the Data activities are themselves examples of Digital Transformations when those activities eliminate the need for manual, error-prone steps currently required to share data.

Key Priority 3: Transformation Programs

Over time, opportunities arise that can transform entire areas, e.g., UCPath Normalization, and Talent Acquisition Management (TAM) & ePerformance. In Transformation Programs, we will ensure success by employing Lean Six Sigma, program management, communication, and technical and management resources.

Key Priority 4: Cloud 

UCSB Campus Cloud deployment will present opportunities for digital transformation. As the cloud begins to proliferate, technical and business work processes will undergo transformations.