Key Priority 1: Define Enterprise Data Services Vision and Scope

Define a vision and scope to describe how to provide Enterprise Data Services to support Liberate the Data activities, which provide ready access to the right data at the right time in the right context.

Key Priority 2: Cloud Data Warehouse Concept: AWS Redshift POC

The success of Liberate the Data and the Strategic Cloud Visions depends on cloud data warehouse capabilities. A campus data services group formed to perform a Proof of Concept (POC) with AWS Redshift and related data warehouse solutions. Both Administrative and Residential Information Technology (ARIT) and Student Information Systems & Technology (SIS&T) pushed data sources into the POC environment to demonstrate the effectiveness of a cloud-based data warehouse.

Key Priority 3: Professionalization

We will identify the data-related skill sets required to achieve Liberate the Data and perfect the methods to obtain those skill sets.

Key Priority 4: Basic Data Warehouse Optimization

We will optimize the campus Data Warehouse to ensure it can meet the campus’s business needs, and that we can support and sustain the Data Warehouse.

Key Priority 5: Cloud-Enabled Data Warehouse

Campus IT units will develop an AWS-based data warehouse known as a data lake using key strategic campus data sources. Their efforts will develop the expertise and architecture necessary to leverage AWS Cloud data warehouse capabilities to support the future campus data warehouse needs. As the campus Data Warehouse matures to meet the needs of the campus and is supportable and sustainable, additional data sources will be added to the data lake.

Key Priority 6: Continued Focus on API

We will continue to leverage APIGEE API technology to ensure that data application access is available, secure, managed, and maintained.